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Youth Ambassadors


UBelong Here Ambassadors program for youths (aged between 14 - 24) is for those who care deeply about fostering inclusion and belonging, want to raise awareness about local and global issues, create youth-focused programs, fundraising initiatives and exhibits, all in order to inspire positive social change. This role aims to build your skills towards being a young leader and advocate at a local and national level. We are working towards a society where all young people are valued, engaged and supported.
Who are we looking for? + -

This role is for young people aged 15-24 years old, from every region, state andterritory in Australia.We are looking for applicants who bring a diversity of personal experiences, study backgrounds, skillsets, volunteering or community involvement, and cultural backgrounds to the team. You don’t haveto have previous experience in similar roles.

We are looking for young people who are :

  • Committed to develop a sense of belonging in their communities, to have ‘voice’ in their localcommunity, while getting involved in local events and activities
  • Are committed to uBelong Here’s work and the rights of all Youth
  • Are responsible
  • Come from a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences
  • Have good time management skills
The role of a Youth Ambassador will be to... + -
  • Develop an understanding of uBelong Heres work
  • Learn about government advocacy and to talk to decision makers
  • Learn how to be an effective spokesperson for uBelong Here
  • Learn how to engage with other young people in their communities
  • Develop their own programs and iniatives in their own school and local community
Key requirements & responsibilities + -
  • Dedicating 3-5 hours per fortnight to the role
  • Setting ongoing goals specific to your skill set and community needs in conjunction with uBelongHere Management
  • Maintain regular contact with uBeling Here through 1:1 calls, and attend monthly video conferencemeetings with uBelong Here staff and other Young Ambassadors
  • Work cooperatively with a team of young people who are committed to speaking up and makingpositive change
  • Notify uBelong Here prior to any media or speaking engagements which you have organisedyourself
  • Adhere to uBelong Here’s ethos and not do anything which might adverselyaffect the integrity or reputation of uBelong Here
  • Maintain confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which you may be exposed
  • Successful applicants over 18 years old must be willingto have a Working With Children Check as avolunteer
What are uBelong Here responsibilities? + -
  • Maintain regular contact with the Young Ambassadors and facilitate regular meetings andopportunities for feedback
  • Provide timely notice to Young Ambassadorsof speaking opportunities and media events
  • Provide mentoring, guidance and support to the Young Ambassadors in their activities directlyrelated to uBelong Here’s mission
  • Provide any necessary training if needed to fulfil the role


Fill Application form below. If you are under 18 years old, you need a parent/guardian to provide their details and written consent for uBelong Here. This information is found in the application form.
    • Accepted file types: pdf, docx.
      A4 page limit. This could include any relevant study, volunteering, extra-curricular activities, creative abilities or interests and/or work experience